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Aerial Photography

Modern hobbyist drones are built to do one thing: take great photos and videos. Get the most out of your drone and it's camera with our Aerial Photography course.

  • Learn how to fly a drone without any prior knowledge, the course teaches you the basics of Drone Piloting.

  • Learn key techniques and maneuvers to capture stunning aerial video and photos

  • Develop skills in composing the best possible aerial shots.

  • Learn a professional framework that allows you to get the shots you need efficiently.

  • Understand the safety and regulations related to flying drones in different areas and air space classes in the UAE.

  • Learn how to create aerial videos that can make you money.

  • Understanding filming and photography settings for aerial video and photography.

  • Understand the basics of drone camera settings.



One Day

(Four hours)

Course Duration


Introduction to Civil Aviation


Simulation Track Course


Theory Assessment


Flight Test

key techniques and maneuvers

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