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About Us

The UAE's Premier Drone Training Center Sanad Academy is responsible to train, test and certify skilled drone operators in the GCC with DCAA endorsement.

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Sanad Air Academy

Established in 2016, Sanad Air Academy is one of the GCC region’s first Drone training facilities endorsed by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). Since our inception, we have certified and trained over 3,500 Pilots and Drone systems and continue to grow and expand our facilities. We are located on an active RC airfield in Al Lisaili, Dubai and provide:


  • Drone Training Programs (required for DCAA RPAS Licenses)

  • Drone Certification Services

  • Drone Flight Testing Facilities

  • Hangars and Storage Facilities for UAVs and RC Aircraft.

Chairman's Message

As the region’s first RPA (remotely Piloted Aircraft) training and certification facility endorsed by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, our aim is to continuously endeavor ourselves to educate and lead UAV’s enthusiasts in the United Arab of Emirates.

Today, we take pride in how we have been involved in the drone industry and we stand firmly to support and extend our expertise to ensure success for a more knowledgeable, secure, and safer environment. Let us educate ourselves together, that thorough knowledge we can be all significant & successful individuals in the world of drones.

Mansour Abdul Karim Alblooshi

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